Imagine if we never matured or grew in anything. Our daughter has an intellectual disability and her growth both physically and mentally is set in slow motion, but she has displayed so much growth from the first time we met her in India. Professionals may say she will never get too far in her learning […]

I never took a class, never learned from a pro, and never actually felt like I know what I am doing but I still write. Songwriting for me is unplanned, it honestly just happens. God puts a phrase in my mind and it gets stuck until I write it down. If I try to write […]

Not sure if you have noticed but I took our instagram page down recently. We have once again decided to go against the norm when it comes to what the world tells you to do as artists or musicians. Why? Well I am glad you asked :). Andrew, the other half of Finding Ground, has […]

You was written over two years ago. After listening to many hours of worship music God put it on my (Rachel) heart to write a song that praises Him. Yes this isn’t a new thing but I wanted to write a song that took the names of God…these names are so powerful and describe the […]

Ever wonder if you are walking in His will? There are days where I ask myself this question. If this was His will wouldn’t He be blessing it? Wouldn’t there be people listening? Sure I can blame these thoughts on satan but I don’t give him power over me. Who am I doing this for? […]

This album we are making right now is all about love.  Pure love that only comes from the Father.  It is dedicated to all the broken, betrayed, abused and lost people walking around today trying to find something to sooth the pain.  Only Jesus can do this.  I was one of these and my daughter […]

Tracks are getting ironed out and I am getting my air back and preparing for vocals!!! This is so exciting! The last few months have been difficult. I have literally thought about giving this one up. Then He stepped in and has shown me that I don’t do this in my own strength, obviously because […]

As you might notice I went and changed my music name once again for the last time. This in the music business is quite a no-no. So let me explain why….. I have met and worked with some amazing artists, producers, musicians and seen this music come together and still sit in wonder… this for […]

I have dealt with a lot of grief in my life…. At the age of 16 I found out my best friends from third grade has passed away after an accident. Over my life I can think of 10 friends or family whom I have lost already. Just recently I lost my father in law. […]

“Their loyalty is divided between God and the world, and they are unstable in everything they do” (James 1:8). There once was a girl named Anna, meaning merciful, she grew up very similar to me. She lived on a farm and was raised in the church and had two brothers. Her parents were also divorced. […]

You Matter is the one song in my album that is straight from the perspective of God. For so many years after the abuse I wanted to die. I would imagine it all the time….just not waking up, stopping my breath with a pillow, choking myself and so on. I hated me. I hated my […]

For some reason life did not stop the day I gained a big gray cloud of depression and loss of myself. It just kept going. We ended up moving to Arizona not long after and soon after that my parents divorced. By this time I had learned how to just keep swimming through life. Life […]

Everyone from the beginning of time has been searching for something or someone bigger then them. There is a natural pull to this ‘thing’ from birth. A newborn baby comes out crying, needing. Totally helpless the newborn continues to cry until comforted by its mother or father. The baby needs the connection, comfort and sense […]

Thank you, Thank you to all of you who have listened, purchased and shared our music I am honored and so thrilled! I was asked yesterday if I was excited to get this album out….I proceeded to say “honestly it just feels like another day”. This is all a bit surreal. Never did I imagine […]