Here we go….

Thank you for taking the time to stop by my website and share your time with me.  I am Rachel.  You can read about me in the about page….but I wanted to add a bit more.  I tend to write how I talk so forgive my mistakes :).   As you may have read in my about page I am a wife of Andrew Moore (whom is also my partner in making all of our music), a mom of 5, a woman of God, and a songwriter and singer.

That wasn’t always who I was.  I have a long sad, scary, joyful, exciting and crazy story and that is really where my music comes from.  My songs are my life songs.  I actually wrote a book before I started writing my music, but I reread the thing and thought “there is no way I will let my kids read this”.  So with His call to write my story we compromised.  My music is real, raw and unique.  My story, with all His glory is now being told through our music and ministry.

Here is my prayer for those who hear our music; “Lord take this music. Open the hearts of those who listen.  May they hear You through each note and lyric.  All Glory and honor to you”.   I am a child of God once broken I am now made whole.  I am humbled by the fact that He has called me to tell my story and through such a unique way.

I am so blessed to have you stop to read this and hope you join us on this adventure to bring wholeness to the world, all the world!

So much more to come……

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