Expect the unexpected….

This album, A Walk Through Me, has been a lifetime in the making but when God called me to write my story I thought sure ok. Never did I think I would be putting it out to the world and as music!?

But here we go…….it releases very soon and I am a bit scared!

(The above picture is a little sneak peek at the cover of the album)

Andrew and I started this project about two years ago….we are total newbies at it but Creative Soul Records, Eric Copeland was awesome enough to take us on and produce my story.

Since this began I have said that being real is my thing, so I want to give you some insights into this story making process…..things I have learned and things we will do different next time around (we have already started album two).

Things I have learned –

* The music business is difficult and very expensive!

* There are so many amazing musicians out there. Everyone of them have their own calling and story to share.

* Not every critique is a criticism (I used to fall apart at feedback, not anymore).

* When God gives you a vision for something, DO IT….what He does with it after you have followed through is His not yours. (Excited to see who our story touches).

* Your first album will only be the beginning….the more you start to do it, love it and produce from there only gets better. (Andrew and I have already come up with more songs to share with the world….).

* People will never have the same passion you have for your music….but that is ok!

* Social media is so flippant….someone may follow you one day and the next they are gone! (Not a fan of social media but it is a great tool to be heard). +++++Anyone out there want to take over my social media for me!?

* Videos are the new thing for being heard…something I need to work on. +++Again anyone want to help with this?

* Finally, photo shoots are a lot less stressful with random silly shots!


(Above picture- The wonderful Shelia King (https://www.sheilakingphotography.com) puts up with a lot when she photographs me!!!)


So there you go so much learned and so much to learn! Artist wise I am not in it for the glory, money (I make $0), or recognition; I do this because I love music, I love Jesus and when those two loves mix WOWSER you have some amazing music and way to reach people for Him!

So world get those earphones ready you are about to experience life in Rachel’s brain…bah ahaha!


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