Behind the song The Search

Everyone from the beginning of time has been searching for something or someone bigger then them. There is a natural pull to this ‘thing’ from birth. A newborn baby comes out crying, needing. Totally helpless the newborn continues to cry until comforted by its mother or father. The baby needs the connection, comfort and sense of attachment. What happens when it doesn’t recieve this love; the child will more then likely have failure to thrive and in extreme cases death is the result. It is obvious that even from birth we need something besides the obvious food, water, clothing, safe place, ect. Even with the basics a child will not continue to thrive without connection. For example take a child who is born to loving parents who come from a stable background and are financially set for life. And then you have a child who was put into an orphanage at birth and sits in thier crib 22 hours of the day never being touched, loved or shown attention. Which child is going to thrive to the fullest in life? Money is not the problem even the most poor people anywhere can give thier children one thing that money can not buy. The main thing we humans need to live is LOVE. So our search from birth is to find this source of life giving love.

This most sought after ‘thing’ can be seen in many cultures. Egyptians search led them to many different gods and goddesses such as Ra, Nut, Seth, and Geb. The gods provided them with the foods, clothing, relationships, everything you can think of the Egyptians had a god for. These gods were made of silver, gold, bronze, wood, paper, a person, a feeling, a sound, really anything you can think of. After the Egyptian gods came, the Indian gods and the gods of China. Again they provided thier followers with a since of being, instruction and self significance if they followed thier gods as instructed. Along with these gods came the demon gods who’s purpose was to frighten obedience to their all powerful gods and goddesses.

Time went on to produce thousands upon thousands of gods of different cultures some of these were; Greek gods, Mayan gods that called for human sacrifices, Hinduism, Buddism, Confucionism, Aztec gods, and Native American gods which are also numerous. Each culture was searching for something bigger them themselves. Someone or something to guide them, help them, make them, know them, understand them, and lead them. Each god that they made filled a purpose in their lives, they helped them feel complete. Do you see that? There was an emptiness from the birth of humanity that these cultures desperately tried to fill with their many gods. Why? Because of the ‘thing’ that was missing.

Today’s gods may look a little different but we are still making the same sacrifices to them. The gods of today are money, sex, drugs, people, feelings, self absorption, places, things, and the list again goes on and on. We reason with ourselves to provide ourselves with excuses as to why we need these things to fill our lives. But still something is missing. Can you honestly say that once you got that new house your felt full? Or once you made a million dollars you felt this hole close up and now felt whole? In my experience the answer is no. That emptiness is still there maybe it is harder to notice but it is still sitting in the bottom of your heart festering, waiting for something, someone. The point is we are all from the time we are born searching for the hole we feel inside to be filled.

Our search for that ‘thing’ that is missing since birth causes us to seek out anything that fills that missing thing or hole in our being. It is hard to live with the hole in our being because it causes unassuredness, fear, aimlessness, powerlessness, and loneliness. The hole was not always there though. Humanity once had this hole or thing in them filled; only at one point in history though. Once sin entered the world shame, fear, helplessness and the big black hole took the place of the oneness we once had. This wholeness only came from one God, the one true God!

This brings me to the meaning behind the song The Search. Just like all humans I sought after a god. I searched for something to fill that hole or emptiness. My story is important because it is not only my story but I share this story with the one person who walked with me through it all. Its a story that shows struggle, lostness, pride, determination, love, and finally surrender. We all have a story. We all have a path to find the one true answer to that age old questions of who am I, why am I, what’s the point? My story answers these questions and hopefully will provide you with that hope that we all search for from the beginning of our being.

“You are the one I have been searching for….you are the one I need…..”


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