New Year, New Day, New Way

With a new year comes restoration.  This is what God is showing me this early into the new year.  When we started writing songs and singing again a little over two years ago I never thought I would have completed my story in song.  Never!  But its here and all glory to God.  My story was dark….this year I want to share the light.  But my honey and I have decided to go a different route.  We are going to do our music, our way…..yes it may never reach radio status, or go viral but He put a song in me and I am going to sing them our way.

With that statement comes a lot of fear…..but stop that!  Fear is not how I choose to live.  Music is meant to be heard….sure I can spend thousands of dollars and get it produced by the most amazing producers (which I love) but when it stops being what I heard it to be in the beginning…is it still mine?  So hold on to your hats this year is bringing new music, a new way!!!!



Also wanted to share some of my recent thoughts, not exactly lyrics or a poem but my heart never the less:

The world is out to get the strong and the weak, Seems like the world strives to defeat

Not today! to the one I distain, not today!

This battle isn’t against flesh but against those that fight against the One who truly Reigns

He is my redeemer, my strength when I’m weak (or strong), He is my all and all, the One who will defeat the ones who build the wall.

No longer this hold you have on me, no longer will I let you have say on who I should be.

My truth is His truth so step away I am about to start a new day.

to the world from RM

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