The process of grieving

I have dealt with a lot of grief in my life…. At the age of 16 I found out my best friends from third grade has passed away after an accident. Over my life I can think of 10 friends or family whom I have lost already. Just recently I lost my father in law. He was quite the man! He was a Godly, patient, loving man. His impact on my life was great. We shared our love for music and our love for bluegrass music in particular. Most importantly we shared our love for the Lord. He produced such an amazing man who I have the honor of calling my husband.

The last three weeks have been difficult and I tend to cope by writing music and singing. So along with my brother in law Nathan Moore and my husband Andrew Moore we wrote a song for their dad. I hope you enjoy this and I hope you hug your loved ones a little tighter. Those you love are not here by accident God ordained them to be in your life. Enjoy that.

His legacy lives on through our families…

Bill’s Legacy

Gone away, wish you could have stayed
Any other way…..just for a day

Life’s so fleeting, and I find myself pleading
don’€™t go….don’€™t go, there’™s so much I need to know

But your legacy, can you see, your legacy lives on
Lives on

A time to laugh, and a time to cry
And for you, your time to fly
From loves first kiss, to eternal blissThe strength you showed, the strength you showed
I now knowThat your legacy, can you see, your legacy lives on
Lives onYour humility has pointed me to the One
Who’s loves extraordinary….never ordinaryLike your love…like your love….like your love 
my daddyFrom those you leave behind 
Your legacy lives on(One of these days we are going to record this with all the little voices that his legacy lives on in; until then enjoy).

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