I have really gone and done it now!

As you might notice I went and changed my music name once again for the last time. This in the music business is quite a no-no. So let me explain why…..

I have met and worked with some amazing artists, producers, musicians and seen this music come together and still sit in wonder…..is this for real?

We have been in this adventure now for over two years. The words just seem to keep flowing out of my brain and the melodies are finding their ways into the minds and through the music of some incredible producers and composers. I am left in awe of how God is bringing this all together and working it out the way He wants it and in His time. I could not do this alone! Thus the final name change.

For me this really isn’t a dream come true, this is a calling. One that I am honored to answer. One that looks so different from others who are gifted and called to share with the world their music. I do not have the tools, the health, the voice, the knowledge, the energy or the know how to do this. When I am hit with a flare of up it takes me three months to get my air back into my lungs and if I try to stand up and sing well there goes my breath. So He is my strength….literally I need Him to be my breath so I can share the music He brings to my heart.

Finding Ground Music is so much more then just me….Rachel….it is made up of so many amazing people like my honey (Andrew), our producers out of Missouri, our musician friends and the ones who have inspired our love for music but have since found their way Home.

The name Finding Ground comes from the old song Edward Mote, My Hope is Build on Nothing Less. The verse “on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand” was the inspiration behind the name Finding Ground. My ground is Christ, my desire is for those who hear our music to find their ground in Christ alone.

My story was written in the album a Walk Through Me…..the album coming up will be different….fresh….and an experience. I can’t wait to get it out to you and show you what we have created.

One last thing…..with a band name I am going to need a band! If you build it they will come :)……..right!?

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