It’s Been Awhile…

Not sure if you have noticed but I took our instagram page down recently. We have once again decided to go against the norm when it comes to what the world tells you to do as artists or musicians. Why? Well I am glad you asked :).

Andrew, the other half of Finding Ground, has never had social media and finds it more trouble than good. I however have tried most of it, but after getting kicked off and blacklisted by Facebook I started to see a change. A change in how I posted, what people responded to and what my intentions to posting were. I realized that most people won’t respond to a post unless there is a cute selfie, beautiful picture, something controversial or something cute. I also noticed my reactions. I would be so saddened by no responses to our music and I found myself being tempted to get angry, jealous or depressed by what was or wasn’t happening on our page. How could I let something have so much control over me!

So I went through the hoops to take it down and delete it. And guess what the world is still turning without us being on social media. I have found that I have more time to put more thought into the songs that coming into my head. Even with that craziness around the world right now, I have found that I now have time to sit down and think about these songs we have been working on for the last year. Sure we don’t have any followers to build us up online, but that is not why we go into this. We got into this because God put a song into our hearts and minds. He puts music into us that has to be written and worked out.

If you have read through this blog from the beginning you know I like keeping things real. There is so much of the world today that is fake and a scam. Jesus is no where to be found in scams. As He is never found in our pity pools. He is all about truth. So if you are looking for more of us we are around and I’ll be posting blogs more often and add some pics of our journey.

What a ride life is…..good thing we are not alone. And Jesus is driving.

Photos: I love clouds this was taken by our daughter. The single selfie is me sporting a self made tie dye shirt. The other is of me and my honey 🙂 We got to go to the lake for a couple hours, God’s creation is always surprising and beautiful. Finally we got a new microphone for music and are using Spire to record on as we work some songs out!

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