Growth never stops…

Imagine if we never matured or grew in anything.

Our daughter has an intellectual disability and her growth both physically and mentally is set in slow motion, but she has displayed so much growth from the first time we met her in India. Professionals may say she will never get too far in her learning capacity, I tend to leave that to the Great Physician. Haddie has come very far in so much but has limits, God doesn’t though. He has given her the ability to understand and love science and animals. She uses her tablet time watching Wild Kratts over and over again. She knows more about animals than we do for sure. The Lord has also allowed her to grow in her knowledge of the Bible and Jesus. Her faith is still like a child as her mind is, but for 12 years old she knows more about the Bible than many other kids. She loves monotony.

Andrew and I are blessed to see how God can piece back together young life that started out so broken. It is a never ending growth process as parents, a couple, followers of Christ and learning. We have recently been making new music and over the years have learned to not settle but take our time to make and perfect our music. Not for ourselves but because we want to represent our Maker the best we can. So we allow Him to keep growing us.

Then come the growing pains!

Growing pains are a hard one. They sneak up like child does when you’re playing hide and go seek in the dark. We still play that in our house, even our now 18 year old gets in on the game. Side note 🙂 he goes to college this weekend! If you haven’t played this in a long time you really should; not only is it thrilling but you grow from it. Not being able to see takes patience, perseverance and use of other senses. But you should probably sit the game out if you have a heart condition, ha ha.

Growth is never ending no matter how old you are it will keep happening. Some of us grow wider, taller, smarter, more stubborn, less stubborn and so on. Growth happens. So how are you growing?

I know I am growing in knowledge of the Lord, counseling techniques, lyric writing and raising 4 teens and a special needs child. Andrew is growing in his guitar skills, leadership, household fix it skills and patience for me :). (My answer for him, not his answer).

Drop us a reply let us know what you are growing in…

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