His Will be Done….

Ever wonder if you are walking in His will?

There are days where I ask myself this question. If this was His will wouldn’t He be blessing it? Wouldn’t there be people listening? Sure I can blame these thoughts on satan but I don’t give him power over me.

Who am I doing this for? Me? No….I have no physical strength to do this, it would be easier to make the songs stop that keep coming to my head.

Should I press on?

Ha….that’s the question. We are getting so close to being done with this album, Crooked Halo, I will now be able to tell if anyone reads this because this is a spoiler! As we get closer I question myself, my lyrics, my voice, my notes, my intent, and my heart.

In a couple of our songs I talk about that still small voice…..the one that answers yes press on. Then the human part of me thinks okay God I literally have no breath to spare in my broken body, no experience on getting it to the people it needs to get to, no presence on social media to let people know, and all the other excuses I can come up with to give myself an out.


His answer is always press on……well Lord only you can do this because it’s obvious I am not. This is where I need to be though…where it is all taken from my hands and put into His hands. I will press on by finishing the album, doing what little PR I can do and let Him do the rest. Because His power is greater then my own here and I am where I should be.

These have been the passages I am standing on while wrapping this all up:

  8 Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. 9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.  10 That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong (2 Corinthians 12:8-12).

Even when my body tells me to quit its too hard, I will attempt to press on. Because it is through my weakness that God shines brighter.

Behind our upcoming album

This album we are making right now is all about love.  Pure love that only comes from the Father.  It is dedicated to all the broken, betrayed, abused and lost people walking around today trying to find something to sooth the pain.  Only Jesus can do this.  I was one of these and my daughter from India was another. Actually we all are! But Jesus met us where we were and has since healed our wounds and continues to. There are so many others out there who need to hear of His pure love.

As we are working on naming, doing art for the covers, making finishing lyrical choices, and working on vocals we humbly ask you for prayer.

On Christ the solid rock we stand, anything other is sinking sand (Mode).

Sooooo much closer!

Tracks are getting ironed out and I am getting my air back and preparing for vocals!!! This is so exciting! The last few months have been difficult. I have literally thought about giving this one up.

Then He stepped in and has shown me that I don’t do this in my own strength, obviously because I run out of breath literally in a 30 min time period of singing. I can not do this without His strength. I wouldn’t want to honestly. I don’t want to do life without Him in the drivers seat.

If you have read the blogs before you might remember I let you know I was doing this a different way this go around. We did think before finding our new producer that we would do it all ourselves, well I am eating those words :). Let me tell you a little about our producer….I found him through His Musican’s Pool. He is a gifted young man named Nathan Yake of Insight Music Production. He is taking our ideas and running with them adding so much to them and making this project come alive.

Would you like to hear just a little bitty of what is to come?!


Well before I let you hear this quick minute long compilation of a few of the songs I wanted to explain why I took Finding Ground off Facebook….I know I did it once again. Facebook has gotten a lot more difficult to work with when it comes to pages and the new rules and regs are making me crazy. So going against the grain here….

I will bring Finding Ground Music back to Facebook because it really is a good tool, but I would like to put it on through a third party this time. I am so not good with social media, but I also know it really helps the music get to where it needs to go. So it will go back up once the third party becomes known to me….:).

Here it is enjoy this little shot into some of the songs!

I have really gone and done it now!

As you might notice I went and changed my music name once again for the last time. This in the music business is quite a no-no. So let me explain why…..

I have met and worked with some amazing artists, producers, musicians and seen this music come together and still sit in wonder…..is this for real?

We have been in this adventure now for over two years. The words just seem to keep flowing out of my brain and the melodies are finding their ways into the minds and through the music of some incredible producers and composers. I am left in awe of how God is bringing this all together and working it out the way He wants it and in His time. I could not do this alone! Thus the final name change.

For me this really isn’t a dream come true, this is a calling. One that I am honored to answer. One that looks so different from others who are gifted and called to share with the world their music. I do not have the tools, the health, the voice, the knowledge, the energy or the know how to do this. When I am hit with a flare of up it takes me three months to get my air back into my lungs and if I try to stand up and sing well there goes my breath. So He is my strength….literally I need Him to be my breath so I can share the music He brings to my heart.

Finding Ground Music is so much more then just me….Rachel….it is made up of so many amazing people like my honey (Andrew), our producers out of Missouri, our musician friends and the ones who have inspired our love for music but have since found their way Home.

The name Finding Ground comes from the old song Edward Mote, My Hope is Build on Nothing Less. The verse “on Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand” was the inspiration behind the name Finding Ground. My ground is Christ, my desire is for those who hear our music to find their ground in Christ alone.

My story was written in the album a Walk Through Me…..the album coming up will be different….fresh….and an experience. I can’t wait to get it out to you and show you what we have created.

One last thing…..with a band name I am going to need a band! If you build it they will come :)……..right!?

The process of grieving

I have dealt with a lot of grief in my life…. At the age of 16 I found out my best friends from third grade has passed away after an accident. Over my life I can think of 10 friends or family whom I have lost already. Just recently I lost my father in law. He was quite the man! He was a Godly, patient, loving man. His impact on my life was great. We shared our love for music and our love for bluegrass music in particular. Most importantly we shared our love for the Lord. He produced such an amazing man who I have the honor of calling my husband.

The last three weeks have been difficult and I tend to cope by writing music and singing. So along with my brother in law Nathan Moore and my husband Andrew Moore we wrote a song for their dad. I hope you enjoy this and I hope you hug your loved ones a little tighter. Those you love are not here by accident God ordained them to be in your life. Enjoy that.

His legacy lives on through our families…

Bill’s Legacy

Gone away, wish you could have stayed
Any other way…..just for a day

Life’s so fleeting, and I find myself pleading
don’€™t go….don’€™t go, there’™s so much I need to know

But your legacy, can you see, your legacy lives on
Lives on

A time to laugh, and a time to cry
And for you, your time to fly
From loves first kiss, to eternal blissThe strength you showed, the strength you showed
I now knowThat your legacy, can you see, your legacy lives on
Lives onYour humility has pointed me to the One
Who’s loves extraordinary….never ordinaryLike your love…like your love….like your love 
my daddyFrom those you leave behind 
Your legacy lives on(One of these days we are going to record this with all the little voices that his legacy lives on in; until then enjoy).


Loosing direction……singing my way back

There is this incredible song sung by the amazing Steffany Gretzinger, Sing My Way Back. If you haven’t heard it you should seriously check it out. This song has been my obsession lately because I have found myself in a slump or loss of direction. Being a human is hard sometimes….especially when you feel so much. Disappointment, rejection, and waiting tends to take me out at the knees.

When I started singing again I never thought I would adore something so much. Seriously to be able to get in tune with God through music is one of His greatest gifts. Worries, cares, and problems seem to melt away when you are worshipping the Lord through music. So not being able to completely give my all to my music (because of my struggles with a Mast Cell and Autonomic nervous system disease) really causes me to want to just pack it in. Thus causing me to loose my direction with a little flare of my annoying body :).

But the songs keep coming….the melodies keep crying to be sung.

So I keep writing and just recently found an amazing producer to help me bring it to life…all for HIM. I may not be able to stand up and sing with all that is in me or belt it out on a stage of thousands but these songs will be sung. That being said we are working away at this next album. I am even toying with the idea of getting together some amazing players so we can get this show on the road…..Let’s see where He has this going.

He provides, He supplies, He revives

New Year, New Day, New Way

With a new year comes restoration.  This is what God is showing me this early into the new year.  When we started writing songs and singing again a little over two years ago I never thought I would have completed my story in song.  Never!  But its here and all glory to God.  My story was dark….this year I want to share the light.  But my honey and I have decided to go a different route.  We are going to do our music, our way…..yes it may never reach radio status, or go viral but He put a song in me and I am going to sing them our way.

With that statement comes a lot of fear…..but stop that!  Fear is not how I choose to live.  Music is meant to be heard….sure I can spend thousands of dollars and get it produced by the most amazing producers (which I love) but when it stops being what I heard it to be in the beginning…is it still mine?  So hold on to your hats this year is bringing new music, a new way!!!!



Also wanted to share some of my recent thoughts, not exactly lyrics or a poem but my heart never the less:

The world is out to get the strong and the weak, Seems like the world strives to defeat

Not today! to the one I distain, not today!

This battle isn’t against flesh but against those that fight against the One who truly Reigns

He is my redeemer, my strength when I’m weak (or strong), He is my all and all, the One who will defeat the ones who build the wall.

No longer this hold you have on me, no longer will I let you have say on who I should be.

My truth is His truth so step away I am about to start a new day.

to the world from RM