Everyone from the beginning of time has been searching for something or someone bigger then themselves. There is a natural pull to this ‘thing’ from birth. A newborn baby comes out crying, needing. Totally helpless, the newborn continues to cry until comforted by its mother or father. The baby needs this connection, comfort and sense of attachment. What happens when they do not receive this love? The child will more than likely fail to thrive and in extreme cases, death. It is obvious that even from birth we need something besides food, water, clothing, safe place, etc. Even with the basics, a child will not continue to thrive without connection. Each one of us is searching for this hole to be made whole.

Including me.  As a little child I sang in front of the church with no fear.  Singing was my thing…being on the stage was my greatest desire.  Fast forward through many years…..many sorrows (abuse, brokenness, hypocrisy, self-hate, depression, disease and time)…and that gets us to today.  In 2016 the Lord gave me my voice back and I haven’t stopped writing since then.

My debut album, “A Walk Through Me” is my story to wholeness that only comes from a relationship or connection with God.  I tells my story as it was with the heartache, pain, and realness it deserves to be told with.  I write and create music that is real, raw and heartfelt.  My prayer is that it helps you grow, brings you to Jesus and brightens your day.   I do not shy away from the hard issues….I am coming into this at an older age then most because of life so I want to share what I have learned through it thus far.  That was my first album.

The music we have coming to you now is under our name Finding Ground. Together with many hands this upcoming album has a lot of players added to it. I could not and do not do this alone; my husband, Andrew, comes up with chords and melodies, Nate Yake has produced the music and arranged the Love album, our engineer Ron Spratley worked tirelessly on vocals with me and even my son, Elijah had a part in composing a song for this album.

A Walk Through Me was extremely personal. As our new album Love is released you will hear an overwhelming theme throughout the songs about love, still personal but more universal. Pure love…..never watered down, never fake or self seeking, never earned or begged for….. is His gift to you and to me. A love each one of us deserves and needs and only He can give.

So sit back, enjoy the ride as you experience Finding Ground for the first time!!!