Something that once defined me…..

Depression really did once define me.  I was so lost in that fog that life was just something I had to fake;  although some days I couldn’t even do that.   I know there are many of you out there who walk through this fog today like I did for most of my life.  It is a lonely, empty place.  My song Insanity only touches on a small amount of emotions, feeling and thoughts I went through during those years.  Nothing could snap me out of it, didn’t matter if the happiest things were going on around me, I was so stuck.

When God told me to share my story I thought okay I will leave out the real stuff as to not have to reveal too much of me.  Yeah….that was not going to work.  He called me to be transparent.  To be real in a world that seems to want fake.  Fake is no longer something I can even attempt.  I got tired of faking life.  Life is too short to only touch on the easy subjects and pretend that everything is peachy.  Life is hard!  It is short! And it is real!

When He healed my depression I knew I could not stay quiet about it.  I was hopeless, He took that away!  I will not be quiet about that!   So my music is real.  It is raw and it is me!  I don’t claim to be the best all I claim is that Jesus is my everything and I sing and write for Him.


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