Sooooo much closer!

Tracks are getting ironed out and I am getting my air back and preparing for vocals!!! This is so exciting! The last few months have been difficult. I have literally thought about giving this one up.

Then He stepped in and has shown me that I don’t do this in my own strength, obviously because I run out of breath literally in a 30 min time period of singing. I can not do this without His strength. I wouldn’t want to honestly. I don’t want to do life without Him in the drivers seat.

If you have read the blogs before you might remember I let you know I was doing this a different way this go around. We did think before finding our new producer that we would do it all ourselves, well I am eating those words :). Let me tell you a little about our producer….I found him through His Musican’s Pool. He is a gifted young man named Nathan Yake of Insight Music Production. He is taking our ideas and running with them adding so much to them and making this project come alive.

Would you like to hear just a little bitty of what is to come?!


Well before I let you hear this quick minute long compilation of a few of the songs I wanted to explain why I took Finding Ground off Facebook….I know I did it once again. Facebook has gotten a lot more difficult to work with when it comes to pages and the new rules and regs are making me crazy. So going against the grain here….

I will bring Finding Ground Music back to Facebook because it really is a good tool, but I would like to put it on through a third party this time. I am so not good with social media, but I also know it really helps the music get to where it needs to go. So it will go back up once the third party becomes known to me….:).

Here it is enjoy this little shot into some of the songs!

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